Acknowledgement of Country

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the original inhabitants of Australia, who lived healthy and productive lives, but colonisation brought considerable damage. It continues to do so today.

While governments can change policies at the national and state level, the future will be different only if individuals and organisations, like Sydney Cricket Club, make changes that benefit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at individual and organisational level.

We at Sydney Cricket Club have been too slow in making changes. The acknowledgement on this website is a very small, and very slow, start. 

       We know that Aboriginal people have ongoing connections to the lands on which Sydney CC works and plays. For example, about 500 Aboriginal people live in the City of Canada Bay Council, about 2,000 in the Inner West Council, and about 500 in Ryde Council. 

You can read more about the Wangal people here. And here is a guide to correct terminology to use when seeking and writing about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.